Piercingeasily : A whole new experience in piercing

Christina piercing is also popularly known as genital piercing for the ladies. It is also known as Venus piercing. It is generally done on the outer layer of the labia. This is a very case sensitive piercing and depends on the framework of the body of a female. It is not possible for all ladies. One thing needs to be mentioned is that it does not as any kind of stimulation and it is just done depending on the personal choice of the ladies. It has derived its name from the lady whose name was Christina and who initiated in having the piercing done for the first time in the year 1990 by Tom Brazda.

Christina piercing is very popular though it takes nearly three to four months to get completely healed after the piercing. However one has to be very cautious since the jewelry used might as well hamper the process of healing. The piercing needs to be very carefully since there are chances of getting infected. Generally the piercing is done on the area which is full with tissues and that is the reason it takes a long time to get healed. The piercing is done with the help of ten or twelve gauge needles. It is advised not to go for minute gauges. It is also mentioned that it is generally not painful though it is very sensitive.

The jewelry that is used after the piercing is a bent barbell. Since the autonomy of the females varies that is the reason the jewelry is typically personalized so that it matches the physic of the female. To get the right kind of jewelry it is very important that one knows the size of the barbell. Some females prefer to wear kind of a beaded ring for a change. However it is advised one must try out the jewelry only after they are completely healed.


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