Piercingeasily : Should I go for Daith piercing?

A Daith piercing is one kind of ear piercing which goes through and through the cartilage fold which is in the innermost layer on the crus of the helix. The thick layer of the cartilage gives a glam look to anyone getting it done. The piercing is too some extent painful since it needs to be pierced with a hollow and straight needle.

It is certainly the choice of a person whether to go for a Daith piercing or not though the effect of this type of piercing gives a ravishing look. The healing of the pierced area takes a bit more time since the area is prone to germs and filth which is always around us.

The common after effects of the piercing:

There are normally varied after effects which can be painful.

  • Swelling with redness and pain:

After the piercing, it is most likely that one can go through pain and redness in the ear. The pain is generally felt in the area near the cartilage of the year. There are all chances for getting an ear infection and the earlobe with predominant infection is likely to hit the person going for this type of piercing.

  • Changes in the shape of the ear:

There are chances that there will be a formation of pus and infection between the cartilage and perichondrium is likely to hit the person. Often it is seen that the pus formation restricts the blood circulation which results in the change in the shape of the ear. Discharge of some kind of fluid is seen in the case of the Daith piercing which also results in being affected by high fever.

What is the aftercare process?

It is advised not to touch the area of piercing unless and until we are cleaning it. We should wash our hands properly to make it bacteria-free. You should not indulge in cleaning the ears more than once a day. The soap that can be used should ideally be made of chloroxylenol or triclosan.

So after this it is certainly your choice whether t go for Daith piercing is solely the choice of the person. You can go ahead and try it if are sure that you dare to bear it to look totally different from others.


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