Piercingeasily : How to take care after industrial piercing

The industrial piercing is generally done in the upper cartilage and it needs to be pierced twice and joined with a barbell which is a bit longer that the others. It was initiated in North America and later became common in other parts of the world more so in Ireland. It is also known as scaffold piercing. The vertical industrial piercing is also known as suicide industrial piercing.

The after care of industrial piercing:

  • This particular type of piercing is as such that one should be very careful about it since it should be carefully handled. It is a piercing which is done in the area which is prone to infection. It generally takes about three to four week and can even stretch to six months for healing. So one should remain careful after they undergo the industrial piercing.


  • After the piercing is complete one should be careful while cleaning the part. Remember that you can use antibacterial soap and sterilize your hands with the help of hot water so as to avoid getting the area being infected.


  • One should lean the head under the flow of warm water for a minimum of 30 seconds which helps in getting the dried up skin removed.


  • You should use the antibacterial soap with warm water and gently twist the rod which had been inserted in the area of piercing. You should be careful in using the soap inside the ears and close to the holes which are pierced for a period of three to five minutes.


  • In order to avoid the thread of the towel getting entangled it is advisable to use a paper tissue to dry up the area.

It is also suggested not to use hats, taking a sauna bath or having a sea bathing, even taking off the jewelry for a minimum of three and four weeks after industrial piercing.




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