Piercingeasily : All you want to know about smiley piercing

So what is smiley piercing is all about? We often ask this question, isn’t it? Well, to begin with the technical name of smiley piercing is upper lip frenulum piercing. This is the piercing which is made in the sleek tissue which is the juncture of the upper lip and the middle of the gum. It is very popular among the youngsters and they love the trendy and cool stuff.

Is smiley piercing painful?

Since the frenulum of the upper lip is very sleek and thin the smiley piercing does not take much of a time. If it is done by a well trained and professional piercer the chances of pain is less since the skin is not thick. However, it is all but natural to get some amount of pain while we are going for a piercing done.

The aftercare of the smiley piercing:

  • Since the area is tender it is very important to take good care of the place when the piercing is conducted which means that the person has to be careful about the oral hygiene. It is important to get the mouth rinsed after every food, especially after the intake of snacks.


  • The piercing experts are of the opinion that the person should use alcohol-free mouthwash since the alcohol somewhat is irritable and that does not allow the pierced area to be healed faster than usual.


  • One should dilute the nonalcoholic mouthwash to be mixed with the half and half proportion and then go about in rinsing the mouth with it. It is better to rinse the mouth five to six times a day, which helps the area to heal up very fast. Be very careful when you are mixing the mouthwash with the required amount of water.


  • It also asks to be sprayed with the sea salt mouthwash after you go through the smiley piercing. Since the sea salt consist natural water it is better that you use the product which is better for the healing up the process. The healing process takes a long span of four to twelve weeks.

So now get that you know the dos and do not of the smiley piercing it would be easier for you to take good care of the area which is pierced.




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