Piercingeasily : All that you want to know about medusa piercing

Want to be a trendsetter as far as piercing is concerned? Well then the immediate option is Medusa piercing which gives you a stunning look and you get noticed. It gets highlighted because of the interesting position. This sort of piercing is also popularly known as philtrum piercing.

Let’s know about the Medusa piercing procedure:

The know the first thing that it is always better to consult a professional piercing consultant for Medusa piercing since there is a collection of nerve just above the lip and since the area is very sensitive it is always better to get it done from a professional who can handle the particular type of piercing. It must be noted that this particular piercing might be a little painful and the healing procedure is generally a bit more than other types of piercing.

Before the area gets pierced the expert should clean the area which is generally the region just above lip with any antiseptic solution. Another thing which becomes as a must do is watching your mouth with a solution which is antimicrobial by nature. The piercing should insert a needle which is hollow and light by nature. That they can do once a clamp stretches the upper part of the lip. The jewelry is inserted at the same time only.

The aftercare procedure of the Medusa piercing:

There are much to be done once you get a Medusa piercing and it is better you know about them so that your wish of being enhanced and trendy is properly fulfilled.

  • You should wash the area twice a day with the help of warm water which is saline in nature. Make sure you take help of the sterilized cotton is used.
  • You should always use your mouth with warm saline water after every meal to make the area is free from being dirty with the remaining food particles.
  • You should always be careful and wash the face with a gentle soap while you are having a bath.
  • Always use a paper tissue for cleaning the area and make sure you gently dab the area with the paper tissue.
  • Be very careful and use a toothbrush which has soft bristles and gentle toothpaste. Along with it do not forget to use a mouthwash.

It is all that you need to make sure the Medusa piercing is perfectly executed.


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