Piercingeasily : All the facts which stand as the dos and don’ts of cartilage piercing

Cartilage piercing is one of the unique of any kind of piercing that one could have the ear lobe pierced. It is very much in trend and it is actually done on the outer layer of the cartilage which if properly described is in the on the outer layer of the rim of the ear. This type of piercing is much adored by people of all ages.

Dos and don’ts of cartilage piercing:

The basics concept of cartilage piercing is very simple. However, you have certain dos and don’ts which you should follow in case of the cartilage piercing. Most of the people find it too little edgy about the healing since it takes near about 8 months. So the seasoning period is makes the people jittery, however, the seasoning is must since you must know what is to be done and which one to avoid.

You would be surprised if we tell you that the cartilage piercing after care is very simple. Let’s jot it down for you.

  1. After the piercing is done you should wash the area with saline water only. If you let the shower to flow down over the water is ok. But be sure you do not apply any soap and shampoo and in case you have to get a shampoo done you should cover the pierced part well covered.
  2. Make sure you dry up the area well and you are asked to use the hypoallergenic jewelry and if it pains then all you need to do is wash the area with the saline water only.
  3. Do not touch the pierced area and even if you do make sure you sterilize your finger and hands properly.

The don’ts of cartilage piercing:

  1. The two most important things that stand out for the cartilage piercing are never to expose the pierced area is to keep it away from the soaps, chemicals, and cleaners. That effectively means that no swimming and never to twist and turn the area which is pierced.
  2. Strange but true you should give even give up the smoking since it might as well be affected by the smoke which is emitting from the cigarette. Do never let any fluid from the body to be in touch with that of the pierced area.
  3. It is better not to go for any other jewelry other than the hygienic steel studs. When it is properly healed then you can go on using any other jewelry that you want.

So the cartilage piercing is exciting if the dos and don’ts are followed strictly.


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