Piercingeasily : All the facts which stand as the dos and don’ts of cartilage piercing

Cartilage piercing is one of the unique of any kind of piercing that one could have the ear lobe pierced. It is very much in trend and it is actually done on the outer layer of the cartilage which if properly described is in the on the outer layer of the rim of the ear. This type of piercing is much adored by people of all ages.

Dos and don’ts of cartilage piercing:

The basics concept of cartilage piercing is very simple. However, you have certain dos and don’ts which you should follow in case of the cartilage piercing. Most of the people find it too little edgy about the healing since it takes near about 8 months. So the seasoning period is makes the people jittery, however, the seasoning is must since you must know what is to be done and which one to avoid.

You would be surprised if we tell you that the cartilage piercing after care is very simple. Let’s jot it down for you.

  1. After the piercing is done you should wash the area with saline water only. If you let the shower to flow down over the water is ok. But be sure you do not apply any soap and shampoo and in case you have to get a shampoo done you should cover the pierced part well covered.
  2. Make sure you dry up the area well and you are asked to use the hypoallergenic jewelry and if it pains then all you need to do is wash the area with the saline water only.
  3. Do not touch the pierced area and even if you do make sure you sterilize your finger and hands properly.

The don’ts of cartilage piercing:

  1. The two most important things that stand out for the cartilage piercing are never to expose the pierced area is to keep it away from the soaps, chemicals, and cleaners. That effectively means that no swimming and never to twist and turn the area which is pierced.
  2. Strange but true you should give even give up the smoking since it might as well be affected by the smoke which is emitting from the cigarette. Do never let any fluid from the body to be in touch with that of the pierced area.
  3. It is better not to go for any other jewelry other than the hygienic steel studs. When it is properly healed then you can go on using any other jewelry that you want.

So the cartilage piercing is exciting if the dos and don’ts are followed strictly.


Piercngeasily : How about taking a tour for the jewelry of the Industrial piercing

The industrial piercing is the one which needs a double piercing on the upper cartilage. This innovative piercing came into existence from North America. Let’s find out the proper jewelry for this type of piercing.

The top trendy jewelry for the industrial piercing:

Stainless Steel Industrial Barbell (16g): The 16 gauge barbell is the most common of the industrial piercing jewelry. These are made out of the 316L stainless steel and have the external threading. You can remove both the bells.

14g Sword Industrial Barbell: This trendy 14g Sword Barbell is the great and trendy industrial piercing jewelry which is made of 316L stainless steel and has the external threading. The tip of the sword remains fixed while the handle of the sword can be unscrewed. The design of the sword is stunning and makes one look absolutely different.

14g Steampunk Gears Barbell: This 14 gauge industrial barbell has the 5mm ball which is made out of the 316L stainless steel and this also has external threading. The steampunk gear can be removed and you can get 3 varied sizes and they are of various lengths.

14g Opal Moon Industrial Barbell: This 14 gauge industrial barbell is made of the 316L stainless steel with an external threading. The exuberant and explicitly designed celtic moon can be removed. It comes with an extra pair of 5 mm ball. You can choose the synthetic opal colors you want.

14g Peacock Feather Industrial Barbell: This fabulous looking 14 gauge industrial barbell and 5mm balls are of the 316L stainless steel and it also has an external threading. The touch of the peacock feather makes the jewelry makes it absolutely different from others. These also come in varied lengths.

So go ahead and choose what you want and look different from the crowd after you get the industrial piercing.


Piercingeasily : All that you want to know about medusa piercing

Want to be a trendsetter as far as piercing is concerned? Well then the immediate option is Medusa piercing which gives you a stunning look and you get noticed. It gets highlighted because of the interesting position. This sort of piercing is also popularly known as philtrum piercing.

Let’s know about the Medusa piercing procedure:

The know the first thing that it is always better to consult a professional piercing consultant for Medusa piercing since there is a collection of nerve just above the lip and since the area is very sensitive it is always better to get it done from a professional who can handle the particular type of piercing. It must be noted that this particular piercing might be a little painful and the healing procedure is generally a bit more than other types of piercing.

Before the area gets pierced the expert should clean the area which is generally the region just above lip with any antiseptic solution. Another thing which becomes as a must do is watching your mouth with a solution which is antimicrobial by nature. The piercing should insert a needle which is hollow and light by nature. That they can do once a clamp stretches the upper part of the lip. The jewelry is inserted at the same time only.

The aftercare procedure of the Medusa piercing:

There are much to be done once you get a Medusa piercing and it is better you know about them so that your wish of being enhanced and trendy is properly fulfilled.

  • You should wash the area twice a day with the help of warm water which is saline in nature. Make sure you take help of the sterilized cotton is used.
  • You should always use your mouth with warm saline water after every meal to make the area is free from being dirty with the remaining food particles.
  • You should always be careful and wash the face with a gentle soap while you are having a bath.
  • Always use a paper tissue for cleaning the area and make sure you gently dab the area with the paper tissue.
  • Be very careful and use a toothbrush which has soft bristles and gentle toothpaste. Along with it do not forget to use a mouthwash.

It is all that you need to make sure the Medusa piercing is perfectly executed.

Piercingeasily : All you want to know about smiley piercing

So what is smiley piercing is all about? We often ask this question, isn’t it? Well, to begin with the technical name of smiley piercing is upper lip frenulum piercing. This is the piercing which is made in the sleek tissue which is the juncture of the upper lip and the middle of the gum. It is very popular among the youngsters and they love the trendy and cool stuff.

Is smiley piercing painful?

Since the frenulum of the upper lip is very sleek and thin the smiley piercing does not take much of a time. If it is done by a well trained and professional piercer the chances of pain is less since the skin is not thick. However, it is all but natural to get some amount of pain while we are going for a piercing done.

The aftercare of the smiley piercing:

  • Since the area is tender it is very important to take good care of the place when the piercing is conducted which means that the person has to be careful about the oral hygiene. It is important to get the mouth rinsed after every food, especially after the intake of snacks.


  • The piercing experts are of the opinion that the person should use alcohol-free mouthwash since the alcohol somewhat is irritable and that does not allow the pierced area to be healed faster than usual.


  • One should dilute the nonalcoholic mouthwash to be mixed with the half and half proportion and then go about in rinsing the mouth with it. It is better to rinse the mouth five to six times a day, which helps the area to heal up very fast. Be very careful when you are mixing the mouthwash with the required amount of water.


  • It also asks to be sprayed with the sea salt mouthwash after you go through the smiley piercing. Since the sea salt consist natural water it is better that you use the product which is better for the healing up the process. The healing process takes a long span of four to twelve weeks.

So now get that you know the dos and do not of the smiley piercing it would be easier for you to take good care of the area which is pierced.



Piercingeasily : How to take care after industrial piercing

The industrial piercing is generally done in the upper cartilage and it needs to be pierced twice and joined with a barbell which is a bit longer that the others. It was initiated in North America and later became common in other parts of the world more so in Ireland. It is also known as scaffold piercing. The vertical industrial piercing is also known as suicide industrial piercing.

The after care of industrial piercing:

  • This particular type of piercing is as such that one should be very careful about it since it should be carefully handled. It is a piercing which is done in the area which is prone to infection. It generally takes about three to four week and can even stretch to six months for healing. So one should remain careful after they undergo the industrial piercing.


  • After the piercing is complete one should be careful while cleaning the part. Remember that you can use antibacterial soap and sterilize your hands with the help of hot water so as to avoid getting the area being infected.


  • One should lean the head under the flow of warm water for a minimum of 30 seconds which helps in getting the dried up skin removed.


  • You should use the antibacterial soap with warm water and gently twist the rod which had been inserted in the area of piercing. You should be careful in using the soap inside the ears and close to the holes which are pierced for a period of three to five minutes.


  • In order to avoid the thread of the towel getting entangled it is advisable to use a paper tissue to dry up the area.

It is also suggested not to use hats, taking a sauna bath or having a sea bathing, even taking off the jewelry for a minimum of three and four weeks after industrial piercing.



Piercingeasily : Should I go for Daith piercing?

A Daith piercing is one kind of ear piercing which goes through and through the cartilage fold which is in the innermost layer on the crus of the helix. The thick layer of the cartilage gives a glam look to anyone getting it done. The piercing is too some extent painful since it needs to be pierced with a hollow and straight needle.

It is certainly the choice of a person whether to go for a Daith piercing or not though the effect of this type of piercing gives a ravishing look. The healing of the pierced area takes a bit more time since the area is prone to germs and filth which is always around us.

The common after effects of the piercing:

There are normally varied after effects which can be painful.

  • Swelling with redness and pain:

After the piercing, it is most likely that one can go through pain and redness in the ear. The pain is generally felt in the area near the cartilage of the year. There are all chances for getting an ear infection and the earlobe with predominant infection is likely to hit the person going for this type of piercing.

  • Changes in the shape of the ear:

There are chances that there will be a formation of pus and infection between the cartilage and perichondrium is likely to hit the person. Often it is seen that the pus formation restricts the blood circulation which results in the change in the shape of the ear. Discharge of some kind of fluid is seen in the case of the Daith piercing which also results in being affected by high fever.

What is the aftercare process?

It is advised not to touch the area of piercing unless and until we are cleaning it. We should wash our hands properly to make it bacteria-free. You should not indulge in cleaning the ears more than once a day. The soap that can be used should ideally be made of chloroxylenol or triclosan.

So after this it is certainly your choice whether t go for Daith piercing is solely the choice of the person. You can go ahead and try it if are sure that you dare to bear it to look totally different from others.

Piercingeasily : A whole new experience in piercing

Christina piercing is also popularly known as genital piercing for the ladies. It is also known as Venus piercing. It is generally done on the outer layer of the labia. This is a very case sensitive piercing and depends on the framework of the body of a female. It is not possible for all ladies. One thing needs to be mentioned is that it does not as any kind of stimulation and it is just done depending on the personal choice of the ladies. It has derived its name from the lady whose name was Christina and who initiated in having the piercing done for the first time in the year 1990 by Tom Brazda.

Christina piercing is very popular though it takes nearly three to four months to get completely healed after the piercing. However one has to be very cautious since the jewelry used might as well hamper the process of healing. The piercing needs to be very carefully since there are chances of getting infected. Generally the piercing is done on the area which is full with tissues and that is the reason it takes a long time to get healed. The piercing is done with the help of ten or twelve gauge needles. It is advised not to go for minute gauges. It is also mentioned that it is generally not painful though it is very sensitive.

The jewelry that is used after the piercing is a bent barbell. Since the autonomy of the females varies that is the reason the jewelry is typically personalized so that it matches the physic of the female. To get the right kind of jewelry it is very important that one knows the size of the barbell. Some females prefer to wear kind of a beaded ring for a change. However it is advised one must try out the jewelry only after they are completely healed.